Semalt – How To Download All Links With Chrome?

When you decide to download all links from a website through Google Chrome, the links are either saved in a user-defined location or are opened with an associated application. Unfortunately, some malicious websites continue exploiting this feature of Google Chrome with nefarious motives in mind. That is why we suggest you opt for an extension to download all links with Chrome.

1. Chrono Download Manager

Do you want to download all links with Chrome? Chrono Download Manager is a powerful extension that is available for instant download at Chrome Web Store. Once fully installed and activated, this application will allow you to download different web documents, images, thanks to its key shortcuts, toolbar buttons and context menus for making it possible. Chrono is integrated with Google Chrome; besides downloading the links, it allows you to download video and audio files and acts as a powerful bulk image downloader. The extension detects the images, audio and video files and links of a webpage, and filters the URLs through its regular expressions. You just have to click on the icon in the top right corner of your web browser and manage the download from the popup lists anytime, anywhere. Chrono currently uses a built-in API and helps accomplish your task in a better way.

2. Batch Link Downloader

It is another interactive and amazing Google Chrome extension to download all links. Do you want to download a bunch of podcasts, PDFs and images from a site? Batch Link Downloader will ease your work to an extent, and it can be used to target both simple and dynamic web pages. With this service, you just have to insert the site's URL you want to download and scrape the content according to your requirements. You can also select the links you want to download by its click-and-drag option.

3. uSelect iDownload

uSelect iDownload is one of the most amazing and interesting extensions for you. It is widely used to download all links from Chrome and is compatible with other web browsers too. After installing the extension, you will observe that the uSelect iDownload icon has appeared on the add-on bar (on the top-right corner). If you hover over that icon, you will see a label that states "Start link selection." You just have to click on this icon before selecting the desired links. It is easy for you to draw a rectangle around all the links. It will highlight the links in yellow color. From here, you can either hit the Enter button to open the selected links or use a shortcut key (Alt + Enter") to download them to your hard drive. You can partially scrape the web documents with this Google Chrome extension.


There are a lot of ways to download all links in Chrome, but the above-mentioned extensions can ease your work. Plus, they are easy-to-install and are compatible with both PC and smartphone. Thus, these are the coolest and most amazing ways to download all links from a site.